People Choice HRMS

End to end HR activities and improve contingent workforce management with our human resource Management system.

P_Employee portal

Employee portals

Easily viewable also keep your entire employee information on the same page and accessible from anywhere.



Manage and access Employee documents, upload documents in bulk and import and export all employees’ and see their information presented in attractive profiles.

P_HR Analytics & Dashboard

HR Analytics & Dashboard

HR Dashboard that will significantly improve the management of various business process and workflow.Advanced analytics gives complete analysis of your company in real time approach.

P_Admin_User Account_Notifications

Admin/User Account/Notifications

System Admin, able to access your system to review your data in real time and at the source. Manage user accounts with different permissions. Send notifications by email.



Manage Conversations across email, chat, phone web and social on your helpdesk from wherever you are all you need is a laptop or cellphone.



With People Choice HR, Graphic Reports add easily configurable graphical visualization, providing you the flexibility to present data in a given variety of chart options.

Simple and Comprehensive Online Leave Management Solution

P_Manage Multiple leave policies

Manage Multiple leave policies

Set Accrual Rules easy and simple Accrue based on Length of service Customize Configure Leave Policies

P_Leave reports

Leave reports

Leave Balance
Compensatory Off
Leave & Monthly Availed leave

P_Holiday Calendar

Holiday Calendar

Create a holiday List
Create regional holidays
Add restricted holidays



Define Flexible Approval Workflow
Multi-level approval workflow Conditional Workflow

P_Leave Encashment

Leave Encashment

Leave Encashment Policy Payment method
Privilege leave encashment calculation

P_Leave Year ending Process

Leave Year ending Process

One-click year-end process! Automate leave lapsing, carry-forward and encashment, etc.
Get accurate results and a smooth transition to the next to leave year.

P_Leave from Mobile App

Leave from Mobile App

Apply Leaves
Leave Analytics
Check Leave Balance

Attendance Management System for smart monitoring handles all aspects with simplicity and efficiency.

P_Attendance Regularity

Attendance Regularity

Easily manage their employee’s attendance through our centralized attendance system. which can automate all their attendance-keeping tasks.

P_Attendance Report

Attendance Report

Get the attendance analysis as report on daily, weekly & monthly basis e.g. short hours, late hours, attendance summary, employee clock-ins etc.

P_Employee Swipes

Employee Swipes

Punch-in & Punch-out through biometric machine/Web portal/mobile app.



Track overtime hours on a single click, get the report for the same and compensate for the overtime from fully integrated Payroll system


Bio-metric and Mobile App Integration

Integrate with mobile app & multiple Biometric Machines to get real time attendance data automatically.

P_Multi- Location

Multi- Location

Get the attendance data from multiple location and sync automatically on a single server to get a centralized repot.

P_Attendance Policy

Attendance Policy

Setup attendance policy as per your organization to Enforce punctuality with auto attendance rules for late coming, short hours or missing attendance

P_Shift & week offs

Shift & week offs

Create various shifts, create various punch rule and weekly offs for different groups of employees along with holiday calendars

Asset management helps in maintaining your inventory make the communication and follow-ups easy; end the unnecessary delays in issue, return & approval process.

A_Requesting Asset

Requesting Asset

Send an online request for asset through your own user login.



Put all the required details of issued item after approval for issue & return both.

A_Asset Policy

Asset Policy

Setup asset policy for issue/return, returnable & non-returnable type of items.

A_Asset Reports

Asset Reports

View & download all the standard and customized reports.

A_Approval Workflow

Approval Workflow

Set the approval workflow for asset requests on individual or group basis. Multi-level approval workflow can also be set.



Exchange the assets among employees as per the need & stock availability.

Real-time data synchronization makes employees more responsible and attentive.

ESS_ESS- Portal

ESS- Portal

User-specific, role-based & password protected Employee self-service portal to see their own information and to do some other activities as per the rights & privileged.



A graphical and textual representation of their own & team information as per the rights & privileged

ESS_ESS- payroll_Leave_Attendance

ESS- payroll/Leave/Attendance

View & download all the necessary information at one place e.g. pay slip, claim & reimbursements, leave status, leave balance, Punch- in/out detail etc.

ESS_Organization Chart

Organization Chart

See the complete organization structure, locations & employee hierarchy.

ESS_Organization Policies

Organization Policies

View & download organization/HR policies as per the role & rights.


ESS- Helpdesk

Post your query/suggestions and get the response

Enable Efficient and automated end-to-end Separation Process.



Our System provides all in one solution for Retirement benefits like PF Gratuity & etc trust that combines investment management, member management and accounting in one package.



Employees can easily create the resignation request and upon completion the request can be forwarded to the higher officials. higher officials can approve or reject the resignation request accordingly.

ES_Separation Initiation

Separation Initiation

Allows users to initiate a request for E-Separation with features like online resignations, separations, and online absconders.

ES_Separation Checklist Clearance

Separation Checklist Clearance

Create multiple clearance items and no dues checklist across different Roles, Departments, and etc.

ES_Employee Exit Interview

Employee Exit Interview

Create multiple categories to group employee’s exit clearance in the system. Access unlimited Clearance Process Grouping Features.

ES_Compensation E-Seperation

Compensation E-Seperation

Configurable E-Seperation Formula Builder for PF, Gratuity, allowances, and unprocessed loans. Generate E-Seperation Statements post-processing.

Employee Onboarding

Comprehensive and flexible hiring cycle with our recruitment and onboarding module.

EO_Applicant Tracking

Applicant Tracking

Best applicant tracking systems provide the ability to attract and retain talent in an organization is imperative to the success of any business.

EO_Manpower Planning

Manpower Planning

Meet your recruitment cost with flexible planning, budgeting and extensive recruitment processes across organizational levels.

EO_Approval workflow

Approval workflow

Create your own multi-level approval workflow with our smart onboarding automation tool to configure your hierarchy for verification for onboarding applications.

EO_Letters Generation

Letters Generation

Easily generate offer letter for selected and shortlisted candidates using pre-defined templates also provide salary break up in offer letter.

EO_ Hiring Evaluation

Hiring Evaluation

With our Onboarding system, define various evaluation, AI Based KPI, scorecard templates at various stages of the interview process.

EO_Recruitment Reports

Recruitment Reports

Enable intelligent processes for hassle-free reporting and tracking. Access all the recruitment data and generate comprehensive reports.



Notify your approving authorities through mail for all the pending onboarding application.

Keep tracking of employee’s performance with advance metrics and mechanism.

PM_Assessment Record

Assessment Record

Employee assessment on multiple levels on a set of predefined parameters.

PM_Appraisal Mechanism

Appraisal Mechanism

360-degree appraisal mechanism to assess employee’s performance on the basis of collected feedback.

PM_Competencies Mechanism

Competencies Mechanism

Establish parameters, encourage better productivity, and help employees achieve the highest satisfaction at work. Best Competencies framework with our HR System.

Enable your people to set effective goals, give instant feedback and have meaningful conversations.

GM_Goal and Team assignment

Goal and Team assignment

To achieve the organization goal, form a goal driven culture with individual and team.



Define KRA & KPI for individual to achieve the organization goal.

GM_Track Progress

Track Progress

Track the activity progress regularly on the assigned KRA & KPI.

Easily initiate reviews to collect performance and quality related information from managers and employees.



Employees are allowed to give their feedback in our system to acknowledge the management regarding any issues faced by them which might be hindering their performance.

RC_Admin_Subordinate review

Admin/Subordinate review

Gather reviews from subordinate’s employees to analyze the performance of employees and managers for providing an appraisal that a particular employee is deserving.



Reminder on the action to progress the appraisal to give timely feedback also Mobility, Progress Track, Real-Time Alerts

Empower your line managers with powerful people payroll analytics.

P_Ease your Payroll

Ease your Payroll

Create payroll on single click, ease to monitor each step on a single screen

P_Complete payroll process

Complete payroll process

Complete advanced payroll process with accurately and automatically computes salary for all employees including statutory deductions.

P_Payroll Inputs

Payroll Inputs

Automate calculation, automate payroll process inputs, auto generate customized payslip, automate reimbursement, loans& advance.

P_100% Statutory Compliances

100% Statutory Compliances

Automate Calculation and updation of all statutory Compliance by our payroll system as per govt. norms and amendments. Form 16 and 12BA generation.

P_Highly Configurable

Highly Configurable

Highly Configurable and customizable salary structure as per industries required. Unlimited salary components upload. Configurable at any device or at any window at any place

P_Payroll reports

Payroll reports

Our HR System provides you multiple reports like payroll standard reports, all statutory Compliance Reports, etc.

Efficient Solution for your all types of Expanses including Tour & Travel.

EM_Requesting Travel_Expense

Requesting Travel/Expense

Digitally manage all your expense documents along with giving access to only authorized person for viewing, editing and approvals.

EM_Claim Attachments

Claim Attachments

By ensuring photos of receipts are included with every expense, reports are approved more easily and employees are reimbursed faster.

EM_Approval workflow

Approval workflow

Organizations can have one or more types of approvers ranging from a departmental reviewer to an auditor who reviews expense transactions after reimbursements are processed.

EM_From Mobile

From Mobile

Say goodbye to paper receipts and spreadsheets. Our system support for automated, mobile expense management means employees can submit and track expense reports with their mobile device.



Eliminate complexity with systems in place for tracking of claims and travel requests based on Company policy.

EM_Expense Reports

Expense Reports

Comprehensive travel & expense reports can be created and saved as standard reports include department expense/request reports and employee expense/request reports.

Effectively processing your employee’s income tax, ESIC, PF etc. with our System.

SC_Income Tax and TDS

Income Tax and TDS

After employee’s payroll, system will accurately generate the amount as per the government’s law for tax deductions on income slabs.



Ease to generate ECR file for depositing employee PF in their PF account. The file generation will make the process quicker



With us, you can generate ESIC challans for your entire workforce and make necessary deductions from their payroll cycle to make a payment of ESIC

SC_Professional Tax

Professional Tax

Calculate professional tax according to your region. Our system will generate challans for your entire employee’s professional tax.

People Choice HR Provides User Definable Loans/Advances and also loan repayment using easy to use EMI management.

LA_EMI Request & Management

EMI Request & Management

Create Policies for EMI repayment as per Employee Salary or the loan Amount. Our software lets you define a fixed term or a fixed EMI as per the repayment ability of the employee.

LA_Approval Workflow

Approval Workflow

Approval Workflow can be of multi-level or single level as per the amount of EMI’s Repayment. Our system provide a stemless flow at employee end to view all activities.



System generate automatic report for employee as well as admin or account department for the proper tracking of workflow.

Leading the work of a team to achieve goals and meet success criteria at the specified time

PM_Create Projects

Create Projects

Create Flexible and comprehensive projects. Team leader have the ability to create team and add team member.

PM_Task & Assignment

Task & Assignment

Team leader assign task and assignment to member and track the progress on the same screen on a single click.

PM_Expected Hours

Expected Hours

Expected hour can be defined by team leader and member will work according to it without any delay, here team track the work completion rate per employee.

Simple and easiest way to track, manage, and report on employee time.

T_Employee log actual hours

Employee log actual hours

Timesheets work like a database that contains all the needed time entries for employers to pay workers fairly. These also provide the proof of your work.

T_Project progress report

Project progress report

Improve communications across organization. Deliver key messages to intended target audience and Improve organizational support for your projects or your team.

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