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Winner of Young Entrepreneur Excellence Award 2014

It is a matter of great pride that MKT Softwares’ CEO & MD, Mr. Amit Tiwari has been awarded with the Young Entrepreneurs Excellence Award for the year 2014. This Award has given by UP Chapter of Tie at its annual flagship event called President Banquet and Entrepreneurs Award ceremony.


Boring bookkeeping or smart accounting? The choice is yours

In today’s time when online shopping to instant banking transactions is just a click away and even getting food delivered to your doorstep is child’s play, one has to keep pace with the “smart” culture and it is data that oils the entire machinery. Most of today’s transactions; be it business, dating or home delivery …


People Choice- An Innovative and Strategic HR Management Software

With HR evolving as an important strategic aspect within the organization, picking up simplest and right-fit HR software is critical to empowering the employees. The perfect blend of tried and tested practice and modern approach is the key to engage today’s modern workforce.   Wondering where you will find the perfect-fit HR software, then People …


Brandi, that styles your brands with intelligence and analytics.

You can be honest with quality control and your company is customer oriented. But, still your customers don’t see you this way. Maybe you are not able to position your brand in the way you wanted to. And, this can be done by changing the way that your business can reach your target market. The …


Flawless employee management: Key to a successful organization

It’s age-old wisdom. To win in the market place you must first win in the workplace.  Effective performance management is essential to any business. It aligns one’s employees and resources to its business’s strategic objectives. Building a high-performance workforce is the road map to keep the workforce engaged and motivated.  Traditional annual performance appraisal programs …


MKT Softwares Wins the ChannelWorld Premier 100 Awards 2015

IDG India’s ChannelWorld magazine has awarded the Premier 100 Award to MKT Softwares (P) Ltd at the annual Premier 100 awards in Pune on Thursday, May 21st, 2015 at Hyatt Regency, Pune. The annual award program recognizes the best solution providers, , and Independent Software Vendors in India. This year’s award theme was “The Agile 100,” which …


How AI is Changing The Future of Education

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rapidly transforming many aspects of our lives, and education is no exception. From personalized learning experiences to intelligent tutoring systems, AI is changing the way we learn and opening up new possibilities for students and educators alike. One of the most exciting applications of AI in education is personalized learning. Personalized …


How Is Digital Marketing Going To Change In 2020

Digital marketing refers to advertising delivered through digital channels such as search engines, websites, social media, email, and mobile apps. Over the last few years, online advertising has become a sought-after medium for advertisers to reach and engage their audience. By 2021, the worldwide digital ad spend is predicted to reach over $375 billion. Just …


Top 12 Website Design Best Practices That Stand Out

Gain your competitive edge with the latest tools and techniques. When it comes to website design, the tools and technology used today are constantly evolving. In a hyper-competitive landscape, it is vital to design a website that’s equipped with the latest bells and whistles. A good website will not only boost conversions, it will help …


Landing Page- An Effective Marketing Tool

A landing page is a page which has a discrete identity, separate from the main website it is attached to. It receives traffic independently and is designed for a specific marketing cause. A landing page makes the visitor focus entirely on the action/product. The user directly reaches the page without having to surf the intermediate …


12 Things You Are Doing Wrong With Your Website Design

Whether your business is a corporate giant, a well-known worldwide player, a Start-Up or a small, local company, maintaining a strong, focused and relevant web presence is crucial. Your website should be appealing and engaging. Only then will the visitors stay long enough on it and take the actions you want them to take. However, …


Cost Control With Microsoft Technologies

Technology giant Microsoft is constantly innovating and designing softwares, devices and services that empower organisations around the world to achieve more. Technologies developed by Microsoft are being employed by businesses around the globe to reshape their future. The various technologies developed by Microsoft, including Microsoft Azure, Dynamics 365 and Office 365, are being applied in …


In 2020: The Fundamentals Of Front-End And Back End Development

Introduction Front-end and back-end development might interest you if you are planning a career in web development or are an entrepreneur looking to register remarkable web presence. This blog is a read on the fundamentals of front-end and back-end development processes in 2020. Continue reading the blog to understand why you need these tech stacks …


Ways To Digitize Your Business

Digitization – This word excites some people and scares others in the same way. If you have a business, a brand, a network, surely you will have come across several digitization proposals. And even if you know that digitization is needed to increase productivity and avoid falling behind competitors, you are still likely to have …


Canada Post Strike Impacts Cash Flow. Payments Modernization Is The Answer.

In the last few days, everyone has been talking about the Canada Post’s strike and its impact on deliveries. This is not the first time. Personally, the strike does not impact me much. However, the impact will be significant for small businesses and end-customers, who rely on postal services for sending & receiving invoices, payments (via …


Artificial Intelligence(AI): Re-Imagine Intelligence

Over the holidays, my wife and I watched Indian Tamil science fiction movie Robot. In this film a scientist invented and controlled an android robot called “Chitti” created by the lead actor (Rajnikanth). This robot is given the ability to understand and communicate human emotions and it writes romantic poems expressing his emotions using it’s artificial intelligence. …