KT-CRM facilitates you a systematic approach to handling customer relationships that transforms holistic approach to a business strategy

Putting Customer Experience First

Customers call the shots today in a global marketplace bursting with unprecedented choice and control. Sustaining competitive advantage and customer loyalty no longer depend solely on the best product or lowest price. Today’s customers expect quick, easy, and personalized transactions, and the company that provides the best experience maintains a competitive edge.

Start with Results Built on Success

MKT’s delivery approach gives clients high impact results from the very first day the solution is deployed and builds on that success every day thereafter. This contrasts to more traditional approaches where months must pass before results are realized. It also allows for quick adaptation to changing dynamics of markets and customers.

Increase Sales Success

Shorten the sales cycle and improve win rates with lead and opportunity management, automated lead routing, sales process management, and competitor tracking. MKT Sales simplifies the sales process enabling sales organizations to easily manage accounts, track leads, organize contacts, and create selling opportunities



There is an odd notion in many IT departments that the salespeople in their Organizations are all the same.The information the salespeople need may be in the system, but it may not be selectable in an efficient manner for the salesperson. Now imagine if every salesperson had the ability to create a dashboard to suit his or her working style.This capability is now being offered in MKT”s sales force automation in CRM software. It is simplifying the entire sales process, and making sure Salespeople have what they needt, even if they didn’t need it before.

Key Strength

MKT’s CRM Solution fuels all customer interactions with the actionable, relevant, and timely knowledge needed to most efficiently complete those transactions. As one shared common knowledge foundation, it is broadly and immediately accessible, and continuously self-learns from each interaction, improving future interactions by anticipating and proactively addressing customer needs.

MKT-CRM applications knowledge-infuse customer interactions conducted across the frontlines of business, including customer service, sales, marketing, and feedback functions to ensure the best possible customer experience. Information from each customer interaction feeds back into the knowledge foundation to complete the self- learning cycle.

Use a centralized, customizable view of yourUse a centralized, customizable view of your customer’s preferences, relationships, and activity history to better understand and meet their needs.

MKT-CRM is packed with features to help you automate your marketing, sales, billing, customer follow-up, and much more. With regular updates, MKT-CRM ’s feature list continually grows to meet the wants and needs of our customers

  • Creation of Employee
  • Hierarchy of Employee
  • Management of job as per route plan
  • Creation, deletion, modification of routes
  • Allocation of routes to Sales Person

• Manage leads end-to-end (from creating leads to converting them into opportunities)

• Capture leads directly from your Web site using Web-to-lead form and manage effectively in SFA

• Import leads from external sources, such as Web downloads, trade shows, seminars, direct mail, and other types of campaigns

• Set up lead assignment rules to automatically assign leads to the sales force in your sales organization

• Qualify leads to next stage based on the information captured in lead details. Once

leads are qualified for prospecting stage, convert them into sales opportunities, accounts, and contacts with a single-click

• Customize lead management process (B2B and B2C business scenarios) as per organization sales process

• Standard reports and dashboards bundled for a fast learning curve. You can also create fully customizable lead reports and dashboards.

• Export leads data to spreadsheet software for further data analysis

  • Actual stock of distributors
  • Opening and Closing stock of distributor
  • Pending Stock & Pending orders
  • Sales Report Summary
  • Creation, deletion, modification of distributors and retailers