IRUS International (P) Ltd


The IRUS team has a depth of experience in designing and manufacturing private label shoes for companies of any size, from small startup shoe companies to very large brands. Its unique capabilities allow them to provide a custom and seamless solution to anyone looking for a top-quality shoe manufacturer.

IRUS faces the following challenges:

Lack of a system that can keep up with the unique challenges in the Leather Industry
Lack of an ERP solution that can cope up with difficulties such as transactions governed by a matrix structure, multiple end products, and measurements accompanied by high volumes of inventory turn-over
Unfavorable frequency of orders
Changing customer/market requirements

Matrix Driven transaction (Through out the business process from customer orders to orders/requisitions)
Production & Production Planning
Single Bill of Material for multiple shoe sizes
System-generated Automated Requisition / Orders based on customer orders by MRP

Integrate data from many different departments, automate processes, control costs, and respond efficiently to change.
Control on Size, Pattern, and Color Matrices for the footwears.
NAV System is fully delivered in accordance with the flow of the Leather Industry, combined with production management concepts and materials tracking, which aid every business process

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