Textile ERP Suite

The textile industry has undergone tremendous changes in recent times. To sustain competitive advantage, companies are reexamining their operations and fine-tuning their business practices so that they can deliver high quality goods at low costs. Companies must simultaneously ensure speed and quality while responding rapidly to changing customer tastes.
E-Tex consists of applications in all key areas of enterprise management such assales and marketing, inventory and purchase, production, quality, finance, maintenance andhuman resources. E-Tex TextileSuite delivers great depth and breadth of functionality and isbuilt on an architecture that helps enterprises leverage their inherent competitive advantages.
E-Tex Textile Suite, a comprehensive offering for the specific needs of the textile industry, helps companies incorporate contemporary management concepts and best practices. This textile industry solution has already been implemented at a number ofleading textile companies in India and abroad. Our customers will endorse the tremendousbenefits of implementing E-Tex TextileSuite such as compressed cycle times, reduction ininventory carrying costs, improved capability to promise and surge in repeat business.


• Improves Capability to Promise (CTP)
• Faster response to changing market conditions through dynamic rescheduling ability
• increases compliance to promised delivery dates and enhances customer satisfaction
• Excellent lot-tracking mechanisms for speedy customer complaint redressal, which will help improve customer service and thereby increase repeat business
• Compressed lead-time for manufacturing, thereby enabling more aggressive delivery commitments
• Reduction in inventory of raw material, WIP and finished goods
• Effective working capital management through information visibility and effective receivables and payables management.
• Reduced purchasing process cycle times from usage of online purchase requisitions and authorizations, leading to reduced stationery and consumable holding costs.
• E-Tex is specially designed for textile companies. It can therefore be quickly implemented withoutexpensive modifications.
• E-Tex reduces the response time of your company, rationalizes and simplifies work routines and makes you stronger to compete successfully in the international market.


• MIS – Multi-location
• No Bottleneck
• Authorization
• Monitoring
• Reduced carrying cost
• Effective inventory management

• Real time stock at various stages
• Real time order Status
• Cycle time –data based
• Capacity Planning
• Real time quality report
• Business Partner evaluation record
• Real time sample status

• Machine Planning
o Cycle time
o Process flow
• Production Planning
o Scheduling
o Material planning
o Dispatch Planning

• On site and remote authorisation
• On site and remote reports
• Effective & Proactive Planning

• Same or similar formats as the person is used to with or without small modifications
• Auto generated reports in desired formats
• Real time updated stocks.
• Non repetitive data entry
• Auto integration of data
• total transparency of facts and figures