Know about Project Management

Project Management

Benefits to Users with NAV 2017's Project Management in Jobs include-

A Simplified Experience

Easily manage job tasks on the streamlined Job Card, and see essential columns by default on the Planning lines.

Gain Visibility into Important Details

Quickly see the profitability of your job in the Project Manager role centre and use fact boxes with cost and billing information on the job card.

A Much Easier Navigation

Quick access to creating a job, entering a job journal, and creating a job sales invoice.

New Reporting Options:

Email a new job quote report to your customers so they have a record of the estimate of the job.

Dynamics NAV allows you to plan and manage the activities that are related to a project within the agreed financial framework and timelines so that the projects are always completed on time and within the budget.
Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 has been recently enhanced with new features and deeper functionality into its' core application including updates to Project Management in Jobs. Jobs are a way for you to schedule the usage of your company's resources and to keep track of the various costs associated with the resources on a specific project. Jobs involve the consumption of employee hours, machine hours, inventory items, and other types of usage that you may want to track as a job progresses. Jobs have some new functionality and some simplified features.
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