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Cost Control With Microsoft Technologies

Technology giant Microsoft is constantly innovating and designing softwares, devices and services that empower organisations around the world to achieve more. Technologies developed by Microsoft are being employed by businesses around the globe to reshape their future. The various technologies developed by Microsoft, including Microsoft Azure, Dynamics 365 and Office 365, are being applied in …


In 2020: The Fundamentals Of Front-End And Back End Development

Introduction Front-end and back-end development might interest you if you are planning a career in web development or are an entrepreneur looking to register remarkable web presence. This blog is a read on the fundamentals of front-end and back-end development processes in 2020. Continue reading the blog to understand why you need these tech stacks …


Ways To Digitize Your Business

Digitization – This word excites some people and scares others in the same way. If you have a business, a brand, a network, surely you will have come across several digitization proposals. And even if you know that digitization is needed to increase productivity and avoid falling behind competitors, you are still likely to have …


Canada Post Strike Impacts Cash Flow. Payments Modernization Is The Answer.

In the last few days, everyone has been talking about the Canada Post’s strike and its impact on deliveries. This is not the first time. Personally, the strike does not impact me much. However, the impact will be significant for small businesses and end-customers, who rely on postal services for sending & receiving invoices, payments (via …


Artificial Intelligence(AI): Re-Imagine Intelligence

Over the holidays, my wife and I watched Indian Tamil science fiction movie Robot. In this film a scientist invented and controlled an android robot called “Chitti” created by the lead actor (Rajnikanth). This robot is given the ability to understand and communicate human emotions and it writes romantic poems expressing his emotions using it’s artificial intelligence. …