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Why Choose Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central?

Dynamics 365 Business Central, previously known as MKT Softwares Pvt Ltd.. It consists of a wide range of business functionalities along with the supplementary benefit of the cloud. It has the ability to assist across service, sales and finance segments. It is designed in such a way to assimilate with various cloud services like Power Apps, SharePoint, Outlook, Office 365, Power BI and Flow.

Financial Management

Organize all data across purchasing, inventory, sales, accounting, and customer service so as to give a complete idea of your business. Chart real-time monetary performance with in-built Power BI dashboards.

Project Management

Monitor resource levels by organizing sales and capacity. Track invoicing for clients against planned expenses. Make efficient decisions with real-time understanding of entire project statuses.

Operations Management

Give a complete view of the portfolio for effective order fulfillment. Track each item’s movement and transaction, while achieving optimal output levels.

Reporting and Analytics

Refine financial predictions by analyzing and modeling data across numerous dimensions. Modify reports with unified Microsoft Excel integration.

Supply Chain Management

Make use of in-built intelligence to predict what and when to replenish. Buy only what you require with enthusiastically updated inventory levels. Propose substitutes when required items are unavailable.

Sales and Service Management

Manage service requests, act instantly on sales associated inquiries, and process payments-perform all these within Outlook. Know an outline of your workloads, tasks and employee abilities to efficiently assign resources.

Real time Self Service

If self service is customer service, then Dynamicweb’s platform supports your customers while streamlining your operation. Our real time integration means that your customers will be able to help themselves 24/7. They can transact, intelligently place RMA requests, they can see historic orders, reorder from the past, and pay invoices online.

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